The Matrix Rhythm Therapy

The Palms Spa introduces for the first time, a revolutionary discovery by German Dr. Ulrich Randoll regenerating cells through mechanical pulsations thus healing and restoring muscle and tissue tone. Elimination of waste products, acids and gases takes place and fluid absorption is reduced resulting in speedy healing and eradication of pain in joints, head and neck aches, back pain, sinus, mobility increase in limbs, wound healing disorders etc.

The idea was to construct an apparatus which activates processes in the skeletal muscle by synchronizing cell vibrations. Like an engine being restarted, cellular processes are restored to their active state through tissue regeneration. Recent research with high resolution video microscopy has indicated that it is possible to influence cellular rhythms by changing the state of the cellular surroundings.

The Matrix Rhythm Therapy produces absoloutely no side effects.

Healthy cells in our body have rhythmical oscillations , which if disturbed causes congestion in the normal flow of fluids affecting cellular logistics. The affected parts in our body do not receive nutrition and toxic wastes are not eliminated fast enough causing aches and pains.

The Matrix Rhythm Therapy via a specially shaped resonator produces pulsations which will gently and harmoniously induce cells to accept again their own body analogue oscillations. The metabolic processes will be back to normal in a short time , setting healing and cell regeneration in motion without any medication whatsoever.

We introduce this therapy in Wellness for the first time, so relax and enjoy healing yourself in the comfort of our spa. You have the options of coupling it with warm herbal compress, or a massage followed by steam, which removes toxins and helps in speedy recovery.

Please drink extra fluids (water, coconut water) prior to and post treatment in order to flush out toxins. You may experience slight muscle soreness if your muscles are untrained and you might feel drowsy, so relax and have a good nights sleep.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is used to treat the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Sports injuries
  • Rheumatism
  • Scar tissue
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Knee problems
  • Spinal fixations
  • Osteoporisis
  • Cellulitis
  • Postural dysfunction
  • Sinus
  • Vertigo
  • Gout
  • Kidney stones
  • Arthiritis
  • Lower back pain
  • Migraine
  • Ligament & Meniscal Injuries
  • Allergies
  • Stretch Marks
Professional athletes such as the tennis ace Roger Federer have discovered the benefits of the Matrix Rhythm Therapy

Dr. Ulrich G. Randoll is a medical doctor, researcher, author, lecturer and Director of the Dr. Randoll Institute in Munich, Germany. He is cofounder of the Working Group on the Electrophysiology of Bone Tissue in the German Association for Osteology, which he directed from 1993 until 2006.

In the context of several research projects carried out in 1989-1997 at the Department for Maxillo Facial Surgery and Trauma Surgery of Erlangen University, Dr. Randoll worked on cell-biological questions connected with the differentiation and dedifferentiation of cells. He focused on the natural rhythms of cells as observed with the help of videomicroscopy, and drew essential implications for the rhythmic organization of the human body as a whole. From the standpoint of coherent fields he created the scientific foundations for Matrix Rhythm Therapy (MaRhyThe©), an in-depth, rhythmical micro-extensions technique.

With the development of the Matrixmobil, the results of Dr. Randoll’s research have found their utilization in daily clinical practice. Dr. U. Randoll has already trained over 3000 therapists in the use of Matrix Rhythm Therapy. His book, “The Matrix Concept” is available in its second edition both in German and English.

More about Matrix Rhythm Therapy

What do you understand by Cell Rhythm?

There is movement in our body as long as we are alive. This movement occurs in harmony and in rhythm. For example your heart is contracting and relaxing in a specific frequency and when this rhythm is lost we call it Arrhythmia. Then an artificial pace maker is advised to regulate this movement. What about the other organs and systems? Your lungs are contracting and relaxing, peristalsis (movement of the digestive system) is happening in rhythm with every tissue, organ and system.

Inspired by this phenomenon Dr. Ulrich Randoll researched cell biology, and deciphered that our cells oscillate rhythmically between 8-12 Hz. Because of this oscillatory movement it is possible for cells to obtain fresh oxygen and nutrition and release used waste products in extra cellular space called the extra cellular matrix. Extra cellular logistics means to get in fresh oxygenated blood and give away waste products which are possible if there is rhythmic movement of cells in the extra cellular matrix. This rhythm is disturbed because of various factors like infection, injury, toxins, allergy, chemical, electrical interference, psychological, emotional, stressful situations etc. Disturbance of rhythm at cellular levels affect the extra cellular logistics causing accumulation of fluid, oedema, and swelling. Because of reduced oxygen supply cells suffocate and contract the tissue. As a result, we feel stiffness and feel pain. Initial complaints like pain and stiffness is the first sign of this change in rhythm. If not treated it becomes a serious problem.

What is Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is developed by Dr. U. G. Randoll in Germany. This Therapy is based on his research in Cell Biology. Dr. Randoll found that our cells are also rhythmically pulsating in frequency of 8-12 Hz in a normal healthy condition. During unhealthy situation these movements are slowed down. Matrix Rhythm Therapy provides pulsations in the same frequency to synchronize and reset the disturbed cell rhythm. This helps to re establish extra cellular logistics that is removal of waste products and improve micro circulation of oxygenated blood. Relaxes muscle and enhances process of regeneration and healing.

How does Matrix Rhythm Therapy help in bone, joints and muscular pain?

Our body consists 45% of skeletal muscles, this is hugest organ of body. Consider your body without muscles. There will be no movement, no circulation, and no sensations. According to Dr. Randoll muscles are the processors of our body. If the processor is not normal how can we expect the process to be normal ? Your joints are supported by muscles. When these muscles become stiff the support becomes uneven. Stiffness for long durations allow bones to adapt new shape. Matrix Rhythm Therapy relaxes the muscles and provides an environment for the normal shape of the bones in the body.

What do I feel during the therapy?

You get relaxing pulsating oscillations. There is no light, rays, heat etc. During therapy you feel that your muscles are becoming soft and supple. Your stiffness is getting reduced; there is significant reduction in pain and improved range of movement.

How many sessions are required for complete relief?

The total no of sessions required for complete relief depends on your health condition. It is not a medicine with fixed dosage. Matrix Rhythm Therapy initiates the natural healing process of your body. You will agree that every Individual has a different health status though the complaint may be the same. You yourself will experience reduction in your pain and improvement in the range of movements after a therapy session and plan your next sessions with your therapist.

What is the duration of one session of the therapy?

Most of the therapies available are oriented towards the affected site e.g. shoulder joint, knee joint etc. But your one joint is connected by several muscle groups. So an entire muscle group is responsible for the desired movement. The effect of treating only at one place will not provide long lasting result for e.g. the muscles responsible for movement of the knee joint are the muscles of the thigh (quadriceps, tensor fascia lata, hamstrings) and are also assisted by the muscles of the calf and foot. Therapy provided only at knee joint will not help if these muscles are not treated. Not only this, but if there is pain in spine that may also alter the walking pattern and entire muscles of back and lower limb suffer. One session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy is scheduled accordingly to treat the area involved in pain. Your therapist will schedule a session for you after a consultation.

What should be the interval between two sessions?

Matrix Rhythm Therapy accelerates the venous and lymphatic flow and also enhances the metabolic process which can be experienced as soreness on the next day of the therapy. In such cases the next session can be taken after interval of 3 days. However individuals who exercise daily or are in a sporting activity may not experience the same, in such cases the next session can be taken immediately the next day.

Is the effect permanent?

Once you start with the therapy sessions, the process of regeneration and healing enhances. Once the pain is reduced, combine the therapy with a few exercises which will help maintaining the effect of the therapy. Hence the effect of the treatment is long lasting depending on how you manage it after the recovery. In simple words, “Use it or Lose it.”

Is any preparation required to undergo Matrix Rhythm Therapy?
If you are planning to undergo a session of Matrix Rhythm Therapy you do not require any preparation. There is no need of hospitalization or anesthesia.

Is the therapy safe?

Matrix Rhythm therapy delivers physiological rhythmic Pulsations.
MaRhyThe® is a very safe therapy for all age groups, Safe for individuals with Diabetes, Hypertension. Matrix Rhythm therapy is safe during pregnancy. Matrix Rhythm therapy is safe even with orthopedic implants in the body. Special Non magnetic applicator is used for the patients with heart pace maker.

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is not recommended in conditions where there are chances of any embolism.

What is the difference between MaRhyThe® and other therapies?

There is vibration i.e. movement everywhere in the universe. In our body we have movement as long as we are alive. In healthy condition these movements are in normal frequency ( in rhythm. ) Contraction and relaxation of your heart, lung, and peristalsis must be in rhythm, if not then we consider it is an unhealthy situation. Research by Dr. Randoll discovered the frequency of cells in our body. This frequency is responsible for normal function of tissue, organ and system. It is also responsible for recovery and regeneration of tissue. Matrix Rhythm Therapy delivers vibrations in this physiological frequency so it synchronizes with cellular frequency. Other equipments provide odd frequencies giving only short term relief.

My problem is Neurological. How will Matrix Rhythm Therapy help me?

Matrix Rhythm Therapy helps in various neurological conditions. Our brain cells require constant supply of fresh oxygen. We feel fresh, relaxed and energized in an open area with oxygen rich air. Many serious Neurological problems are connected with interrupted or insufficient supply of fresh Oxygenated blood to the Brain. Matrix Rhythm Therapy provides relaxation, improves micro circulation and increases oxygen rich supply of blood. This helps in nerve regeneration. Muscles relax, muscle tone improves, range of movement improves, and proper neuro feedback is communicated to the brain. Moreover this happens without medicine, without having to suppress the cause and inhibit the natural process of healing.

I do not suffer from any problem. Can I take Matrix Rhythm Therapy?

Sure. Matrix Rhythm Therapy is a basic therapy to maintain our health status. We enjoy a modern life style, facing stressful situations, we breath in a polluted atmosphere, we experience a disturbed rhythm. Matrix Rhythm Therapy will help you maintain your health. Take care of small aches and contractions. After all according to Dr. Randoll, “Life is Rhythm, Rhythm is Life.”

What are the other conditions that Matrix Rhythm Therapy can help?

Matrix Rhythm Therapy is useful and effective in acute and chronic pain and stiffness associated with orthopedic, neurological, vascular, sports, fitness injuries, geriatric (old age) complaints.

My husband and I have been going to The Palms Spa for almost 3-years now. We have visited a few other spas at some local Bangalore Five Star hotels but always come back here.

My husband loves the Thai massage. He will tell you that it is the best and most traditional Thai anywhere outside (and in some cases from even inside) Thailand. All of their therapists are trained very well and care about their services.

I personally swear by their ‘The Matrix’. This massage/treatment has relieved my sciatic so that I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with pain in my lower back and down my leg. Stress headaches, neck and shoulder pain…Gone! And, probably the most important for me; I recently had surgery on my lower abdomen. It left a large bump of scar tissue. After approximately six matrix treatments the scar tissue is Gone! Also, ladies I know that there is no claim for this, but it helps with cellulite in your thighs. Of course, you have to maintain this with treatments every so often, but so worth it for me.

Sherry Walter
President OWC

Dear Mrs Umrigar,

Thanks to your introducing me to your son Neville, my son Gaurav really benefited from The Matrix Rhythm Therapy he received at The Palms Spa. After just a few sessions his severe back pain simply vanished, hopefully never to return.

Its a beautiful Spa and beautifully run. Zahan Umrigar (CEO) is such a charming and capable young man and the Spa is in very good hands .

Best wishes
Anita Devaya

Dear Neville

I would like to say a huge thank you to you for my experience with Matrix Therapy. I honestly was a bit sceptical about the results as my earlier experiences with massages haven’t been particularly pleasant. As you may have noticed when I came in to the Palm Spa I was almost bent over with lower back pain. This has been a chronic problem over the last ten years and I can’t really figure out what exactly sets it off. Your Spa offers a true Zen experience and the therapists you have are wonderful and my husband and I both look forward to visiting you when we are next in Bangalore.

I have since read up on the Matrix Therapy and if it does half of what it promises well you are now the source of preventative medicine – something our world is in dire need of. Thank you for making this world a better place!

Best wishes
Anita Devaya

Dear Neville

I have suffered from a frozen shoulder for several years. While it doesn’t bother me most of the time, when it does flare up I am in constant pain and discomfort for weeks at a time.

After years of trying several treatments,this time when the pain began, I decided to give Matrix a chance. After just a few sessions the pain subsided and so far it has not reoccurred. This was a blessing as in the past extensive physiotherapy has not been able to permanently solve the problem.

I am so glad I got the opportunity to try it!!

Camellia Birdy

Dear Neville

I would like to share my experiences after having a series of Matrix Therapies at your spa in Bangalore. I have had so many complications with my body for many years and had to have various parts treated .

I must state that your Therapists are trained wonderfully and are able to pinpoint cramped muscles and swellings in the body and they work around those so beautifully , being able to relieve pain instantly

Firstly , my severe headaches which I had frequently for years, have now disappeared after the Matrix sessions and I am able to ease off my medication after any years !

Secondly my severe lower back pain has also eased considerably and I am able to walk freely now with almost no pain at all.

The pain in my hips and legs too were agonising and after a few sessions they are so much better now and I have so much relief.

I must say that after years of trying to find a remedy for all my problems, I finally found the Matrix and am so happy that I now can rely on this to help me with any aches and pains and that too, without medication !

Phirooza Rustumji

Dearest Neville

I am delighted to share my experience with matrix! It’s been such a blessing to me and really helps me manage and heal the pain I was struggling with for so many years! I come often for the therapy now and it helps me cope better with the everyday workload as well. Thank you for being such an angel to me.

I have had chronic back pain history after an unfortunate accident in 1993. After 2 major surgery’s and much physio rehab I was able to walk again! Over the years I would have days where the pain would really slow me down and I was always searching for something to help me manage my pain and the challenges it posed in a better way. So when my darling Nanny and our beloved Karl suggested that I go in for the matrix I immediately reached out to you. And it’s made such a happy difference to my life. The pain that was shooting into my knee has stopped. It reduced by nearly 80 percent in the first sitting itself. Then by the third sitting I went dancing with my friends !!!

Now I try and keep coming for my matrix therapy every month. Sometimes, twice. I love the Balinese massage that follows too. That and the detox therapy really are relaxing and rejuvenating and help me handle and ease all the stress and strain that our everyday lives pose.

I can’t thank you enough!!

There are quite a few of my friends who I’ve shared this experience with and all are planning to try it.


Dear Neville

In 2014, I was suffering from intense pain, discomfort and difficulty in walking and carrying out normal daily activities, as a result of an injury to my left knee because of a torn ligament and doctors had advised surgery for the same. At this time, I became aware of the MATRIX THERAPY which was available at the Palms Spa and its effectiveness in healing injuries without resorting to invasive surgical procedures.

On the advice of the Therapist who was attending to my problem, I undertook 2 sittings each week for a total of 4 weeks at the Palms Spa with the Matrix Therapy. After the 8th sitting, the pain and discomfort had practically vanished and I was able to once again walk and carry out daily activities comfortably. I was thereafter advised to take a leg massage once a week for month and this therapy aided the healing process.

Today I am pleased to say that I am able to carry out all normal physical activities such as weight training, lower body exercises and am able to comfortably complete 45 minutes of cardio activity with ease and comfort thanks to the Matrix Therapy. I would honestly recommend the application of Matrix Therapy for injuries similar to the ones which I had suffered.

Thank you very much to you and the Spa Therapist concerned

Warm Regards
Dr. Cawsi H. Naterwalla

The matrix treatment has been very successful in helping me with stomach problems which I have had for years. It is not only great as a treatment but also a very relaxing massage. It is something that I hope all would try. It is also a nice way to relax, and know that it is doing wonders for your body.

Lisa Jeejeebhoy

I had a superb experience at the Palm Spa.Not only i got relief from my volcanic migraines but i felt so good with the positive vibes that i got from Neville Umrigar and his staff. Neville Umrigar was so concerned and was always present at the time of my appointment and helped me in all ways.I totally love that place and warmth of the people present there . Can’t wait to have a luxurious spa treat again.

Farina Jehzeel Master